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Midlife Freedom Quest

Now what is this project you've stumbled upon... well, it's inspired by my turning 50 last year & the deep transformation that came with that.  I took myself on a personal pilgrimage to see sacred sites I'd only ever dreamt of. Having never traveled before, I was quickly hooked. I'd also never done anything just on my own before.  


I wandered through the Avalonian sacred sites of Glastonbury, the Tor, the Chalice Well, Stonehenge & Avebury... then onto Merlin's Cave & the birthplace of Arthur at Tintagel - here I fell apart beneath a waterfall & laid in the garden of Tristan & Isolde.

After that I spent a week with Lauren Artress, & Veriditas Facilitators in the medieval town of Chartres, France, visiting the labyrinth I'd told stories of for 20+ years.  Then I rented a wee Citroen & drove from Versailles to Mont St. Michel to see this tidal wonder of a fortress & abbey that I'd dreamt of since childhood.

 I took this trip without us really being able to afford it, we just managed it carefully, & my family knew that this was something I just had to do.  I will do it again, it was a journey that not only inspired The Enchanted Life, but also Midlife Freedom Quest.

This simply means a quest, my own Holy Grail: Wealth & Wellbeing at midlife & beyond...highly encouraging others to do the same, even before midlife so you're more ready than I was!I was raised with common terms like living paycheck-to-paycheck and making ends meet.  I often felt trapped in generational limited beliefs.We raised our kids differently, teaching them to think outside the box. When they encouraged us to move from Canada to New Zealand, they also taught us that there actually is 'no box' and anything is possible. But we had to sell alot to get us here!So - Midlife Freedom Quest is about claiming your dreams at midlife! Realizing that in these precious years of the next (hopefully) half of life, we can do things on our own terms, we can create wealth without limitations & we can live our days doing what we really love doing!


For Wealth - I stepped into digital marketing (after months of researching the right pathways for me.  Not mlm (I'm not a salesperson) & nothing spammy.  It was a big stretch for me, not being a techy person to dive into all this digital age information. But this product has already taught me so much, I am loving creating my presence on social media because I am doing it in my own authentic way of being a storyteller rather than a salesperson.

The training and support within this community has leveled me up in so many ways beyond even this business. And if you haven't hit midlife yet - let me tell you how much I wished I had found this years ago, when I was a stay-home mom and we struggled with one full time income. Plan your Midlife Freedom Now!


It's a dream come true for me to be creating beautiful abundance in my daily pay, but an even bigger dream that I am able to show others how to create this for themselves.   If my story resonates with you, & you are someone who really wants to make a difference in your life, the life of your family & how you move forward to create a legacy for yourself, join me. I would absolutely love to guide you into freedom. And who knew I'd end up with 1130 followers on TikTok?

Get more info when you opt in with your email here: MIDLIFE WEALTH

For WellBeing - Hitting 50 brought me joint pain, lethargy & weight gain that I did not expect!  The joint pain & stiffness caused me so much discomfort that my normal yoga practice & activities became hard to do. Discovering LifeWave patches which activate stem cell activity has been a game-changer.  There are patches for Youth Renewal (I like this better than ‘anti-aging’, we're all aging but let's do it with positivity!), Sleep, Energy, Pain Relief, and more.  

Now, I'll be upfront, I share this because I don't like to see anyone in unnecessary suffering & these work.  I can move again & am on a weight-loss journey!

They are simple to access, so while the company works under an MLM structure (which makes everyone hesitate, I know), I can tell you that to get these, you don't have to sign up to sell anything!  

I am NOT a salesperson, I am an authentic storyteller, I signed on because I can't NOT share how awesome these are!  You can order patches as a one-time order, or sign up as a preferred customer, which gives you a bit of a discount & a monthly subscription - which you can CANCEL ANYTIME.   It just makes it easy to keep them on hand consistently…trust me, if I've run out, I feel it!  

So, pop on over to MIDLIFE WELLBEING to learn more!

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