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Spiritual Life Guidance

It's important to me that you lay down your head to rest each night knowing that you have made choices that are your own, that you are living in truth and wholeness.   I can help you create a balance between body, mind and spirit, with practices that nurture and nourish all of you. 


For when you are living with intent, everything you do flows out into those around you with positive vibrations, with loving kindness and with purpose.

I have retreated into silence for days at a time, I have journaled my way through heartache and grief.     

I have wandered countless pathways of labyrinths, prayed in churches, prayed in the woods, and prayed everywhere I could pray.  I have explored dreams, the Enneagram, meditation, the mystics, yoga philosophies, and ancient wisdom through my Spiritual Direction Training with Jubilees Associates in Ontario, Canada.  I prefer the term Spiritual Life Guide, over 'Director', as it sounds more gentle to me.

Work with me and find your way.  

Group therapy
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Spiritual Life Guidance

Spiritual Journey Group

Transformational Meditation

A candle is lit, we enter into stillness, through these sessions of deep listening, I guide you to find your own personal connection to what you hold as Sacred, Divine.  I provide reflective, creative & expressive ways to move through day-to-day life, knowing that you are aligned with your purpose, that you are honouring your passions & living authentically.  Meeting with me in this way can be a meaningful step to help you find wholeness & balance in life. 

A Journey Group offers deep listening in a circle of others, listening to understand rather than listening to respond.

Honouring the process of sharing, being seen & being heard.  It is not therapy or counselling & we refrain from telling each other what to do.  It offers a sense of belonging & community in a safe & supportive setting, sharing our own stories of spiritual connection. 

As facilitator of the Spiritual Journey Group, I offer monthly gatherings around various topics; it may be a book, a contemplative practice (such as meditation, art, labyrinth walking, or poetry),  there is group discussion woven into the process along with quiet reflection. 

Groups may meet for a specific duration or continue ongoing with the opportunity to join a group in your area, or gather a few friends to create your own.


Some Spiritual Journey Group Themes include:

~ embracing forgiveness

~ bringing the sacred into daily life

~ family spiritual connectedness

~ discovering your creative path

~ moving through grief


Over 25 years ago, stuck in stress & anxiety, I happened upon meditation & it changed everything.

Transformational Meditation is about guiding others towards finding the right practice for them as an individual.  For some this may be sitting in stillness, others it may be walking, or creating... everyone responds differently.  I also tune into your needs as you progress along to pathway to mindfulness.

I have taught in school classrooms, yoga classes, corporate wellness breaks, retreats, & family & youth church groups.

I also offer the unique experience of working with a bio-feedback program that takes you on a journey through a gorgeous realm  guided by your breath & energy levels.  

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