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What is the Labyrinth?

The labyrinth is a blessing to anyone who enters in.  

Labyrinths can be found worldwide and in all manner of settings, from forested gardens, to hospitals to churches and parks.  Individuals use walking labyrinths, finger labyrinths, or downloaded apps. 

To come upon a labyrinth and walk without knowing, can be walk with a facilitator that has put years of dedication into training & learning can be profoundly life-changing.

Within the labyrinth, you may discover profound moments to literally unearth your true self and your path through this life. Sometimes we must just be still enough inside to listen to the Breath of Spirit.  Discover yourSELF within the labyrinth.   

Walk the pathways towards the center...the center of YOU, the Divine, your Intention.

The myriad blessings and wisdom of the labyrinth unfold for you, each time you walk.

The journey through life is sacred, this is recognized in various ways through many cultures.  The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool, a symbolic design that serves as a metaphor for the journey.   

Dating over 4000 years old, the earliest discoveries of labyrinths have been unearthed in pottery shards and carvings in stone. 

A labyrinth is not a maze, which is meant to challenge, to be 'deciphered', with dead ends and wrong turns.  A labyrinth is simply a circular path that leads to the center and offers the return on the same path back out again.  You 'find' yourself rather tan getting lost.

The labyrinth provides a natural movement through it's pathways, inspiring a similar natural movement through life itself. Everything that the labyrinth represents, and everything one discovers on its path, is often reflected in one's life.

The wisdom invokes the Triads of Release, Receive, Return 


Remember, Reclaim, Renew.

Empowering every walk.


Registrations Open Now...

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Labyrinth Experiences


Join me in the labyrinth to discover ways to trust the process of life; through the simple wisdom of the 3-fold path.  I offer introductory talks & walks as well as longer labyrinth experiences in workshop & retreat settings. 

Some labyrinth workshops include:

- walking the cycles of life

- finding your Divine/Feminine center

- embracing forgiveness, challenges

- reconnection to self

- grief healing

- self-discovery, gratitude, shadow work

- seasons & moon cycles 

- rituals & rites of passage

- walking for prayer & meditation

- honoring sacred events; baby naming, marriage, retirement

- metaphorical pilgrimage

"The Labyrinth literally reintroduces the experience of walking a clearly defined path. This reminds us that there is a path, a process that brings us to unity, to the center of our beings. In the simple act of walking,

the soul finds solace and peace."

~Lauren Artress


Labyrinth Walks

Embrace this ancient tradition of meditative walking to bring absolutely any intention, prayer or question into this sacred space. Connect deeper, find peace & discover simplicity within the labyrinth. Every theme & intention can be brought into a labyrinth walk.

I have offered walks in many settings over 20 years for secular and non-secular groups.

Cost by per person or set group fee.

Labyrinth Talks

Learn about the labyrinth & its history through a slideshow presentation, resources and handouts. I am on a mission of bringing the knowledge & contemplative benefits of the labyrinth into New Zealand through these talks, walks & a documentary series. This is a beautiful fit for church groups, wellness centres, specialty groups & support centres. Every theme & intention

$125 for 2 hour presentation.

Labyrinth Training

Discover how the labyrinth can partner with your work in healing and wellness.  This mini-training delves into the benefits of the labyrinth, how to use it to accompany a healing process or develop a deeper sense of mindfulness.  Bring the labyrinth into your work with the creation of a portable labyrinth, beach labyrinths or finger labyrinths.  Connect with me to chat further about your labyrinth work.


Labyrinth Creations

I design & create labyrinths on canvas & hessian.  These can be full size for walking as well as small canvas for finger labyrinth walks.

My Labyrinths

Book a walk for your studio, retreat or special celebration within New Zealand.

From a retreat at the beautiful

TreeChurch & Gardens in Ohaupo.

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