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I'm a keeper of the Labyrinth, an artist of sacred practices, a tea-loving, bibliophile, modern-day mystic with an affinity for living authentically, mindfully & with enchantment everyday.  


​It is my belief that we hold the answers to our questions within us & our connection to our Divine source is as unique as we are.  The creative & ancient practices I work with aim to provide the quiet, contemplative space to uncover these inner knowings. 

​I draw my own spiritual path from Ancient Druidry (nature-based spirituality), the Celtic Wheel of the Year, Avalonian Priestess traditions,  Jesus & Mary Magdalene.  These teachings inspire my sacred connection & inner peace.  My prayers come from many cultures, my ceremony & ritual is steeped in history, & I believe in spirituality over religion.

I feel that anyone can find the balance within by being open & true to what moves their soul. 

It is my passion to accompany others on their own journey towards a deeper connection within.

A journey of a thousand steps...


In 2003, at a retreat, my first walk on the narrow pathways of a Chartres design canvas labyrinth changed how I was living my life.  It taught me to stop rushing through my days & slow down enough to actually live each moment.  It became a profound & necessary part of my spiritual journey.  I sought them out, walked them in places where others didn't even notice their existence.  I finally made it to Chartres, France in September of 2023 and it was the most life-changing experience.

I was blessed to learn from Lauren Artress, the founder of Veriditas ~ the worldwide labyrinth organization. I became a Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator (VIA,) in 2008, & an Advanced Facilitator in 2023.  I am a part of a supportive community of professional labyrinth facilitators sharing ideas & providing education in the growing field of labyrinth facilitation.  I am a Regional Rep for New Zealand with The Labyrinth Society Inc.


My work with the labyrinth has guided walkers to discover depths within themselves, to dip their souls into the answers within, simply by walking with purpose & intention.

In 2008, I furthered my spiritual journey with a two-year training in Spiritual Direction.  I wanted to be able to support those who walked the labyrinth with me by offering my guidance, holding the space & leading them into their own spiritual practices.  As a Spiritual Life Guide through the Ontario, Canada Jubilee Associates, I offer deep listening & contemplative guidance into discovering one's connection to their Divine.  

I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher & Transformation Meditation Teacher.  My approach to yoga is creative flow, moving softly & slowly led by the breath & the spirit.  I chose meditation at a time in my life when nothing else would touch my anxiety & stress & its effects were miraculous, now, I bring these practices into my offerings, to find stillness within body & mind. 

​​I have been leading Labyrinth Walks, Women's Retreats, Mother & Daughter Retreats, Spirituality Groups & Creativity Workshops since beginning my own Spiritual Journey in 2004. As a Child, Youth & Family Ministry Director for 16 years,       

I have created, organized & carried out over 125 events, connecting families to one another & to the Divine.

This is what living an Enchanted Life means to me... join me & let's stir up some magic in your life. 

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