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Sarayu -The Garden Labyrinth

In 2012, our family made the big decision to move from the city to the country. There is much to the story and it can be found on our page for Myrrkwood Haven

One of the greatest aspects of this journey into rural living (and there were many...including a sanctuary for farm animals!) was our garden labyrinth.

We had a large front yard and a deep desire to live from our own land. So we created a labyrinth design that would cover a 55 by 80 foot section of land. The pathways were grass, and the lines of the labyrinth were gardens; from 4 to 12 feet wide.

It was planted with vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants. When anyone walked through the arbour, made by my beloved, into the labyrinth, a change in energy could be felt. Something shifted, something awakened within.

It was a place for solitude, reflection, yoga. A place visited by young people and seniors, to walk the pathways and experience the sacred within the spiral.

We were the stewards of this grand adventure for two years, at which time, in the middle of winter, we discovered the need to do this all year round...and so, we sold everything we owned and moved to New Zealand...but that's another story.







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