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leaf_edited.png a place of openness, inspired to enrich and deepen your human connection to spirit. 

I am Sonya Lyn, Labyrinth Priestess, Spiritual Life Guide & Creator of Embodied Play Experiences. 

Working with the ancient wisdom of the enigmatic labyrinth, I offer workshops & retreats, inspiring creativity, & spiritual guidance. It is my passion to guide you towards a spiritual, authentic, & intentional life.

A life in which you feel nourished by your choices, your surroundings & a life that embraces joy.  


It is often said that we are spiritual beings on a human path and this is is my intention to guide you to live that Human path fully, with all the emotions, with all the feels.  

​Within the labyrinth, you may discover profound moments to literally unearth your true self and your path through this life. Sometimes we must just be still enough inside to listen to the Breath of Spirit.  Discover yourSELF within the labyrinth.   

Walk the pathways towards the center...the center of YOU, the Divine, your Intention.

The myriad blessings and wisdom of the labyrinth unfold for you, each time you walk.

Journey with me to draw upon a Divine presence that resonates within, to come through the darkest times.

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