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House Blessings

As someone who has moved house 31 times (must be a past-life gypsy soul), I have grown accustomed to ritualizing a new home... (as well as leaving the old one with gratitude & intention, but that's down below)

A House Blessing is a ritual or ceremony performed to invoke blessings, protection, & positive energy upon a new home or an existing dwelling. House blessings are a beautiful way to imbue a new space with positive intentions & energy, & to invite harmony & prosperity to the household.

I offer House Blessings by connecting in with the cultural, personal or religious beliefs of those involved, so each one is personalized.  Anyone can be invited to partake in the ceremony to help create a beautiful memory by welcoming occupants to a space filled with blessings & good fortune.

Mama Blessing.jpg

Mama Blessings

A Mama Blessing (or blessingway) is a ceremony or ritual celebrated to honor & support a woman as she prepares for childbirth & motherhood. This special ceremony is centered around nurturing the mother-to-be & acknowledging the transformative journey she is about to embark on.

Cultural & personal traditions can be brought into this to create treasured memories.  Guests may be relatives, friends, with the choice of just women, or the inclusion of the special men in the mama's life.  It's a gathering to offer love, wisdom, & encouragement.

We'll share in nurturing mama, blessing her with special activities & treats & creating community around this momentous time of life.

The connections created in this ceremony will hold strong through the time of birthing & into parenting!

Departure Ceremony

A Departure Ceremony is an event held to mark the beginning of a journey, transition, or separation, often with significant emotional or symbolic meaning attached to it. These could include; travel or study abroad, retirement, divorce, leaving a house, loss of a pet, closing a business or a celebration of life.  This ceremony will also draw upon the personal needs of those involved to create a unique & individual experience.

Honouring these moments of life is a beautiful way to create memories & leave legacies.




Handfasting is a traditional Celtic ritual that symbolizes a couple's commitment to each other, akin to an engagement or wedding ceremony. It involves the joining of hands & the tying of cords or ribbons (woven by you or myself) around the couple's clasped hands, creating a knot that represents their union & commitment to one another.

The term "handfasting" originates from the Old Norse word "handfesta," which means to strike a bargain by joining hands.

Historically, handfasting was a common practice in Celtic regions, including Scotland, Ireland, and parts of England, where it served as a formal betrothal or marriage ceremony before the Christian tradition of marriage became prevalent.

This symbolic ritual can be perfect for the couple wanting to mark their committment, in a non-church setting.  This can happen in a yard, garden, forest, park...and with the option of a labyrinth!

As I work towards my official NZ Celebrant License, this will become 'legal'...for now, it's a sacred commitment ceremony.

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