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Wisdom School

Olive Grove

Wisdom Schools have always drawn me in... a meaningful endeavor to facilitate personal growth, self-discovery, & the cultivation of wisdom.  This space is a supportive, nurturing environment for seekers to explore life's deeper questions, develop their inner wisdom, grow personally & spiritually.  And my approach to this is always infused with creativity & the triad of the labyrinth.


Have a peek to see what's on offer or steeping into brew...


These courses & workshops have been part of my life for the last 20 years.  In fact, everything throughout The Enchanted Life has been sprinkled into my various jobs, my parenting & my own practices.  It's just time now for me to bring it all into this Haven for YOU.

Having just turned 50, my children now 2 grown & 1 'almost grown' into powerful young humans, it's my time to bring it all together for others. To share your interest, hit 'connect' & send a quick email to me.

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Foundations of Meditation


Collage Journaling Circle

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Vision Boards

This 5-week immersive course of theory, techniques, & practice is for anyone who is curious about meditation, has tried it & felt challenged or who just wants to adopt a healthier way of being in this world.

Studies have shown that meditation reduces stress & anxiety, lowers blood pressure, reduces chronic pain, improves health, vitality & self-esteem!

When guided by an experienced teacher with a focus on finding the style meant for YOU, meditation becomes accessible to anyone!


Similar to the process of Vision Boards, this method takes Journaling into a Creative practice.

Guidance, inspiration, prompts & more will be shared.

Collage Journaling will include a spiral bound book, tons of beautiful papers, stickers, stamps, everything you need to create the most beautiful journal!

It will run regularly with a drop in rate & a membership rate.  Come when you can & jump into the theme of the evening.


Vision boards are a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams. By creating a visual representation of your goals and desires, you can focus your energy & intention on bringing them to life. Whether you're looking to attract abundance, live a particular way love, or achieve career success, a vision board can help you clarify your vision & take inspired action towards your goals. This workshop is offered at various times & also serves as an epic workplace team-building event or retreat workshop.




Kintala was first created in Ontario, Canada by myself & my daughters.  A movement class that combines the beautiful art of bellydance with the calming practice of yoga, combined with ethereal music.  This unique approach will help you connect with your body, mind, & spirit while having fun & learning new skills.

A workout & social class that will leave you feeling empowered, sexy & joyful!


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