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Embodied Play

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Do you remember the childhood innocence and wonder of peeking through mom’s clothes or perhaps your own dress-up box? Adorning your body with costume, jewelry & maybe even face paint to become, if just for a little while, something magical…something outside of yourself?    

Embodied Play was born from this...  As a costumier, I have a growing collection of stunning costumes, some created for events and festivals & other pieces because I was simply inspired to create them. To share these pieces as well as inspire women to tap into an inner archetype, some secret aspect of self that has been hidden or left behind in day-to-day life has evolved into the Embodied Play Experience.

Holding space and inspiring women is the essence of what I do, through Labyrinth, Creative Practices & Celebrating the Enchantment of Life, to embrace imagination, authenticity, & laughter.

Holding the Space

As a Labyrinth Priestess, I call in the wisdom of the three-fold journey into everything I do in life…including Embodied Play.

‘Remember’ - We begin with a gentle drawing inward meditation, to guide you into what you would like to embody in your session. We will draw cards from an Oracle deck, light some candles, share some intentions.

‘Reclaim’ - We then play dress-up, whether we have sourced items for a personal session or you glance through our wardrobe of creations, to create the look you wish to embody. Accessories, face-paint or makeup will be added & you are ready for the photoshoot.

‘Renew’ - The photoshoot is done by Gillian Sara, who, as a Young Women's Holistic Life Coach & Photographer is passionate about authentically holding space for you. It doesn’t matter if you aren't comfortable with having your photo taken, I will guide you as your stylist to help Gillian capture stunning images that you can then use in your own promotional material, as gifts for loved ones or just as a personal reminder of your inner power. The idea is to simply tap into what we have created, move with it, embrace it, dance, reflect & we will capture this.

There is the option to choose from my existing collection, or I will create & source the pieces to bring your looks to life. This is determined in the discovery chat as we uncover what you wish to portray.

For anyone celebrating a rite of passage, shower, or women's celebration, Embodied Play is a unique, memorable & empowering opportunity to create a lasting memory. Perhaps a mother & daughter experience, sisters, best friends…

Embodied Play Experiences


Embodied Play Workshop

Beautiful for a for women’s gathering.


  • For a chosen event such as a women’s retreat add-on, a celebration, rite of passage, fun day with friends.

  • From 3-10 people

  • 30-45 minute discovery chat

  • Chosen location within Auckland (extra costs for outside Auckland)

  • Opening & Closing Ceremony

  • 3-4 hours (depending on numbers)

  • 15 edited images per person + many more additional images


Personal Embodied Play

An individual experience


  • A personal empowerment experience, this makes a beautiful surprise gift for a loved one, or great images to use in your own social media and work.

  • 30 minute discovery chat

  • Chosen location within Auckland (extra costs for outside Auckland)

  • Opening & Closing Ceremony

  • 2 hours

  • 15 edited images + many more additional images


Goddess Package

For two; mother/daughter, sisters, friends


  • A beautiful session for two special women. Another personal empowerment experience, a gift for a loved ones, or great images to use in your own social media and work.

  • 30 minute discovery chat

  • Chosen location within Auckland (extra costs for outside Auckland)

  • Opening & Closing Ceremony

  • 3 hours

  • 15 edited images + many more additional images

Additional cost of $125 added to have a specific style sourced and created for you, this is then added to my collection.

The essence of childhood play for grown women, with side-effects of empowerment, bliss, self-confidence and laughter!



"I took part in the Goddess playday in August and it was such an amazing enlightening experience and so much fun!!! Who doesn't love to dress up!!!

I had a particular archetype in mind to embody and then I went on a whole journey after that I never saw coming which has been so powerful for me. I still haven't shared all of it as I am still embodying it. Sonya holds such divine sacred space, along with Gillian and it is such a beautiful fun experience. One I would thoroughly recommend to others."

Aiyanna; Sand Magic Artist

Expression of Interest

Connect with me to get more info via email or book your FREE Discovery Call to see how Embodied Play works for you.

Thanks for connecting!

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