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Touch of Awen is the Product Line of The Enchanted Life

Here you'll find what you need to create personal ceremony within your own life. 

'Awen', in Welsh mythology is the inspirational muse of creative artists.

A little more magick, a little more

Custom Headdresses

As a costumier, I adore creating headdresses!  Shown in the photos are Oriana, Druidia & Ondine, my personal archtype pieces.  

I will create a custom piece just for you, to embody your inner faerie, warrior queen, whatever archetype you'd like to bring forward.  Book a Discovery Call to discuss all the options!

Sacred Bathing Ritual Kits

Beautifully created boxes full of all the natural wellness you need to create a sacred bathing experience.    From ancient times, bathing has been a ritual; more than simply cleansing. Discover the self-care principle of imbuing the body & the spirit with plant-based goodness. Sacred Bathing is noted across many cultures and time periods & these ritual kits bring it into the present day, in a time when we need ceremony, ritual, & intention more than ever.

You close yourself into your sanctuary, open the box & create an intentional & holistic ceremony in your own home.  Guidance is all included for you on how to create an immersive & nurturing experience reminiscent of the days of old when bathhouses were shrouded by temples.  Our bodies are made up of 60% water.  Our skin drinks in the use of botanicals as much now as it did when used across many thousands of years to relieve aches & pains, to fight illness, boost circulation, or relax your mind & body.

This sacred bathing experience provides therapy for the body, the mind & the soul all in one.  As an 'Artist of Sacred Practices', this may have been one of my first, when I began bathing with flowers during my late high school years over 30 years ago.

Choose your kit today & discover this ancient ritual within the privacy of your own home.

Personal Ceremony Ritual Kits

These exquisite little boxes will offer you everything you need to create personal ceremony for yourself.  With candles, incense, oils, smudge sticks, tinkets, blessing cards & inspirations, each box will be personally handcrafted for various themes.

Touch of Awen Products

This shop is to assist in choices, you'll be rerouted to order direct via email.

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